Kitetrip au Brésil – se déplacer dans le nordeste

Cityguides / 15 janvier 2019

I found it really hard to find information about transportation in the nordeste, other than all-inclusive transfers by travel agencies. Travelling the cheaper way for a kite trip is actually possible, but time consuming.

Our kite trip in the nordeste was the following: Sao Luis airport > 5 days in Atins & Lençois Marahenses > 4 days in Barra Grande, Piaui > 5 days in Icarai > Fortaleza airport. This was the perfect balance between having time to settle down and enjoy each spot, and still exploring several kite spots.

Here, I’m focusing only on transportation, not on describing each spot.

Streets of Sao Luis


  • Sao Luis > Barreirhinas — ONIBUS

Departure: Rodoviaria de Sao Luis (outside town, close to the airport)

Arrival: Barreirhinas center (it’s a small town)

Price: 51R per person

Time:  6am, 8.45am, 2pm, 7.30pm

Company: Cisne Branco

Travel time: 5 hours

  • Barreirhinas > Atins — TOYOTA

Departure: main street (ask anyone)

Arrival: they drop you at your hotel/pousada

Price: 25R per person

Time: between 9 and 10am

Travel time: 2 hours

Another option is to take the boat from Barreirhinas to Atins, but it’s 50R per person. It leaves around 10 or noon I think, and takes 1 hour.

Dunes of the Lençois national park
  • Atins > Barreirhinas — TOYOTA

Departure: ask your pousada. They can pick you up at the pousada.

Arrival: main street

Price: 25R per person

Time: 5am for us. It can change.

Travel time: 2 hours

Another option is to take the same boat as for the other way.

Kitesurfing the rainwater in the Lençois
  • Barreirhinas > Paulino Neves — TOYOTA

Departure: main street, in front of the restaurant Done Dulce, at the crossroads with Rua Professor Viana

Arrival: Paulino Neves, super small village

Price: 20R per person

Time: around 8am for us, it can change

Travel time: 1 hour

Then, there will probably be another car waiting for you to take you to Tutoia. Arrival: Tutoia rodoviaria

Price: 10R per person

Travel time: 40 minutes We arrived in Tutoia around 11.30am and the next bus to Parnaiba was at 3pm, arriving 6pm to Parnaiba.

  • Tutoia > Parnaiba — ONIBUS

Departure: rodoviaria

Arrival: Parnaiba rodoviaria

Time: 3pm

Bus company: ?

Travel time: 3 hours

Price: 25R per person

Finally, we found a Toyota going to Parnaiba who took us for 40R per person. Travel time was 1h30, he drove VERY fast 😃

  • Parnaiba > Barra Grande — ONIBUS

Departure: Parnaiba Rodoviaria (2.30pm) or Agencia Fontanele (centro de Parnaiba) 2pm

Arrival: main square of Barra Grande

Time: 10.30am, 2pm, 4pm

Travel time: 1h15-30

Price: 15R per person

Bus company: Damasceno

We were offered several taxi rides, that we declined:

  1. from Paulino Neves to Barra Grande: 260R for two people
  2. from Tutoia to Parnaiba for 200R for two people
  3. from Tutoia to Barra Grande for 350R for two people.


  • Barra Grande > Parnaiba — ONIBUS

Departure: main square of Barra Grande

Arrival: Parnaiba Rodoviaria or Agencia Fontanele

Time: 6am (a little before that), 6.30am, 12.30pm

Travel time: 1h for Rodoviaria

Price: 15R per person

Bus company: Damasceno


  • Parnaiba > Camocim — ONIBUS

Departure: Parnaiba Rodoviaria

Arrival:  Camocim rodoviaria

Time: 7.15am

Travel time: 2h10

Price: 23R per person

Bus company: Guanabara

  • Camocim > Amontada —

We thought there was an onibus at 9.40am with Fretcar but it actually did not exist. The only direct bus was Saturday (the day after) at 6pm.

Fretcar is a pretty bad company compared to others. It’s really hard to find schedules only.

So we had to go to Itarema. Wait for an hour. Take another bus from Itarema to Amontada. We checked the map and our route really did not make sense but we had no other option.

That was a LONG LONG trip.

  • Camocim > Itarema — ONIBUS

Departure: Camocim rodoviaria

Arrival:  main street of Itarema   Going through Jijoca & Acarau.

Time: 11.30pm

Travel time: 2.10 hours

Price: 26R per person

Bus company: Fretcar

  • Itarema > Amontada — ONIBUS 

Departure: main street of Itarema

Arrival: main street Amontada Going through Acarau

Time: 3.30pm

Travel time: 2h30

Price: 14R per person

Bus company: Fretcar

  • Amontada > Icarai — ONIBUS 

Departure: main street Amontada

Arrival: main square Icarai

Time: 5pm ?

Travel time: 1 hour

Price: 7R per person

Bus company: Fretcar

But we missed it… So we had to go with locals who took us for 100R for two people.

  • Icarai > Amontada — ONIBUS 

Departure: main square Icarai

Arrival: main street Amontada or Fortaleza

Time: 5.50am (only one during the day)

Then it goes to Fortaleza directly.

Price: 7R per person

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