Les meilleurs coffee shops parisiens

Bonnes adresses, Cityguides / 25 septembre 2018

Au cours des derniers mois, j’ai testé beaucoup de cafés parisiens à influence californienne, pour retrouver un peu de San Francisco.

Voici une petite liste de mes endroits préférés. A compléter…

  • Mûre Paris (2eme arrondissement)

Very cute coffee shop close to Bourse, with a few terrace tables. They have very good coffee, a large selection of teas including white and green teas. And the food is homemade, fresh and looks fabulous. Busy for lunch, for a good reason…

  • KB Café (9ème arrondissement)

Trendy coffee shop in Rue des Martyrs. No power plugs. No WiFi. A little overpriced. Outdoor space in the sun.


  • Café Marlette (9ème arrondissement)

Another rue des Martyrs trendy sport for coffee and cakes.


  • Compagnie du Café (9ème arrondissement)

One of my favorite spots to work. Spacious, airy, full of light café with good food and they brew their own coffee.


  • Ibrik café (9eme arrondissement)

Tiny coffee shop with a first floor, that makes yummy Turkish and Greek food. Coffee is good, space is cute.


  • Dose Dealer de Café (17ème arrondissement)

Super nice coffee shop by the Batignolles. Cheaper coffee drinks than other coffee shops. Good WiFi, fresh juices and good food.


  • ONI Coffee Shop (Boulevard Saint Martin)

Quiet with a beautiful decoration and lots of plants. Spacious. Good WiFi.


  • Soul Kitchen (18ème – Lamarck)

Hipster-bobo brunch, good veggie food.


  • Café Lomi (18ème – Marcadet Poissonnier)

Coffee shop just like in SF or NYC 🙂


  • Woodies (10ème arrondissement)

Nice small coffee shop in the trendy Rue de Paradis.

  • Peonies (10ème arrondissement)

Only a few tables in this cute flower + coffee shop. They have cookies & pâtisseries. Good WiFi. 1 outside table.
Soy milk latte: 4.5euros

  • 5 Pailles (Rue du Faubourg Saint Denis)

Very small but very cosy coffee shop. Lots of people are working on their laptops, tables are close to one another.
WiFi. Small outdoor space.


  • Marcelle (2ème arrondissement)

Very nice hipster coffee shop, with a large selection of hot and cold drinks, and yummy homemade cakes & salads. A little bit overpriced. They have three floors, so there is space, with communal tables at the first floor.
WiFi (not reliable). Outdoor space with a few tables.


  • Le Tricycle (10ème – Paradis): coffee shop & food

Hipster brunch, good veggie bowls


  • Le Pavillon des Canaux (19ème – Canal de la Villette)

My favorite place in Paris: bar, brunch, coffee shop… in a real house, you can have a coffee in the bathtub or in the bedroom. Cool people, great outdoor space on the canal. Ateliers theatre, movie screening nights….


  • Nuage Café (5ème arrondissement)

Co-working coffee shop where you pay hourly to stay and have access to food buffet (food quality is medium), but coffee is good. Lots of cute isolated spaces.  WiFi. Small outdoor space.


  • Coutume (6ème arrondissement)

Coffee shop that also serves (a little overpriced) good food. Good place for a business meeting. But no laptops allowed, and no WiFi. You’re supposed to talk to each other!


  • Blackburn (10ème arrondissement – Château d’eau)

Good coffee shop, English-speaking baristas. Nice indoor space with tables where you can sit & work. They also serve food.  WiFi. No outdoor space.


  • Le Pain Quotidien (several locations)

I like to sit at the communal tables to work for a couple hours with coffee. They have power plugs! Food is good but a little overpriced.  WiFi. Most have outdoor space.


  • La Chambre aux Oiseaux (10ème arrondissement – Canal Saint Martin)

Very nice quiet coffee shop close to the Canal Saint Martin. The baristas is super nice. They have good teas.
WiFi. No outdoor space.


  • Pavillon Puebla (20ème – Parc des Buttes Chaumont)

Second favorite place in Paris: cool staff, amazing terrace, cosy interior (looks like Cuba or New Orleans, although I’ve never been there).

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